Our client was seeking to develop a stronger mid-level management team. Their current mid-level managers viewed themselves as “governors” of their own territory rather than “senators” on behalf of the company. Casto Group Consulting facilitated qualitative and quantitative assessments of mid-level managers in conjunction with the senior management team. These assessments cumulated in a succession planning process, allowing the client to make an informed decision to replace, retrain, or keep only the most influential mid-level managers. These efforts successfully realigned middle management with the senior leadership teams’ vision.


An industrial plant had a major accident that impacted its community significantly. Casto Group Consulting worked on-site with the leadership team to listen to the challenges, learn the situation from their perspective, help the team clear its obstacles and successfully lead into a new future. 


A major home improvement retailer wanted to prepare its crisis management team for success. Our Group provided lectures to their staff and conducted table-top exercises that ranged from active shooter drills to rehearsing their crisis response to significant fire at one of their facilities.


A top-performing company sought to sustain their market advantage. Casto Group Consulting worked with the leadership team to develop a process in which the company could self-identify the drivers promoting their success. From that perspective, we set a long-term direction through strong standards of excellence, leadership, talent development activities, and a strong desire to establish best-in-market performance. 


A client had inconsistent industrial safety behaviors within the company. Casto Group Consulting identified one outstanding group that was “owning” their industrial safety behavior and was performing at a high level. Through cross-functional discussions and paired work observations, all groups begin to function at a high level of industrial safety and push the original work unit to higher performance levels.