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Dr. Charles “Chuck” Casto, (USNRC retired/researcher Kennesaw State University - Georgia) led the integrated US Government and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) efforts in Japan for the year immediately following the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011. Working directly with the U.S. Ambassador, and coordinating with the NRC’s Emergency Operations Center, he represented the United States Government to the Japanese Prime Minister’s Cabinet.  

In the aftermath of the Fukushima crisis, Dr. Casto served as the U.S. government’s lead nuclear representative. He received the Presidential Distinguished Award from President Obama in 2012, and for his contributions to the U.S. government, he previously received the Meritorious Rank Award (2009) from President Bush. After his experience in Japan, Casto was named the NRC Regional Administrator, Region III, overseeing 23 reactors in eight states as one of the senior executives for the U.S. NRC. 

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Dr. Casto was a member of the International Atomic Energy (IAEA) review team that assessed the performance of the Slovenian Nuclear Regulatory Agency. Casto Group has participated in committees for the Nuclear Energy Agency and OECD in Japan. Casto Group currently works with the Saudi Arabian Kingdom to develop its new nuclear regulator and is working with several business ventures on mergers/acquisitions and joint ventures including BG Partners, Palo Alto CA, on water treatment systems. The Group is partnered with in the development of crisis-training computer simulations. Casto Group has worked with Westinghouse Nuclear on an oversight board during the M&A with Chicago Bridge and Iron. Dr. Casto has also worked with the United Arab Emirates Federal Agency Nuclear Regulation to provide oversight for the construction work at Barakah four-unit nuclear power plant. Casto Group consulted with the Georgia State government to restructure daycare center inspections.  In the secondary school system, Dr. Casto chaired a financial and technology oversight committee on a budget of over $2.4 billion. 


After retiring in 2013, Chuck founded Casto Group Consulting, an executive-level consulting firm that pulls elite consultants from both Casto Group and the Group’s Alliance partners (see below). Just as Dr. Casto’s work has spanned many diverse areas, so has Casto Group Consulting’s. Casto Group provides consulting to companies in almost any sector, from energy to home improvement, financial, and equity firms. The firm’s work includes security, employee concerns, emergency planning, leadership, crisis management, seismic analysis, engineering training program development, expert witness testimony, regulatory, business development, safety culture, and causal analysis, among other areas.

Past Casto Group Consulting work has included expert witness testimony on regulatory issues, including a testimony for a $100 million lawsuit. 


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Dr. Casto has been

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